Namaste….!!! We Are Heading To Wembley Again…..!!!!

Once again the Nepalese music is taking center stage here in the UK, it would be hard, to believe that few of the Nepalese band would be performing in the world renowned Wembley Arena again, and if you still doubt then you better pump up; get geared and be ready to rock and roll to your optimum, as you could be bewildered into the essences of Nepalese music once again on 17th June for the Bfest and Parcha’s JOON Festival.

Headlining the Wembley Arena, the UK’s 2nd largest indoor venue with 12500 seats, is a fate every musician/band or a performer around the globe dream for and to get the same center stage that has hosted the likes of every possible mega stars of music industy from around the globe like Beatles (3 shows), Pink Floyd, Abba, Paul McCartney, Cliff Richards (61 Shows), Whitney Huston (29 shows), Prince (35 shows), Kiss and Bon Jovi (1984), Rolling Stones (2003), Britney Spares (2000, 2011), Kylie Minogue (2002), Pearl Jam (2007), Bob Dylan (12 shows), Queen and many more is a very hard earned privileged life time achievement for any Nepalese band or artist.

Though Wembley arena has changed its name in many occasion, it first opened on 1934 for the British Empire Games, which housed a swimming pool hence it was famously know as “Empire Pool” during British sporting heydays. The last time the pool was used was for the 1948 Summer Olympics. After that from 1978-2014 it was called Wembley Arena and from 1st June 2014 its called as SSE Arena, after SSE plc bought the naming rights to the venue for 10 years. Whatever the name the arena has been used for musical extravaganzas, comedies, family entertainment and sports for centuries and attracted performers and people form across the globe. Standing proud and tall, it is one of the iconic landmark of the UK.

The Arena has hosted some of the biggest names in the music world. World-renowned artist like AR Rahman, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Asha Bhosle, Shreya Goshal, Adnan Sami, Atif Aslam, Sonu Nigam and Arman Malik are just few names from our neighboring country India. For centuries their music has amazed the world and they have taken every center stage available anywhere; on the other hand, Nepali music with same origin n passion with the same comparable qualities only lack quantity has however been living under the shadows of Indian music thus deprived from their rightful place and have been limited to performing in small and backyard venues, due to various avoidable reasons; mostly resources and lack of proper management.

“Nepathya” is the only Nepalese band that has managed to perform here so far during its illustrious career, regarded as the most successful folk-rock band of Nepal. The band performed here on 03rd August 2013. It took hell of a heart and determination to bring together this band to Wembley Arena and Kudos to Parcha Production and The Subsonic Routes for making it happen. They have set up a new milestone for the Nepali music and played a significant role in introducing Nepali music to the world, thus must be regarded as one of the historical day for the Nepalese music around the globe.

Nepathya’s Wembely performance has been justified rightfully with their sensational performance as the band left no stone unturned in order to rocking the 8000 plus spector’s present that day sending waves across the world as well as taking Nepalese music to the international level. Till day many Nepalese who witnessed that history, would without a doubt still remember their electrifying experience as a life time opportunity and would be always fresh in their memory lane deep in their musical heart.

Nepathya rightfully earned that status to become the first band to play here after 23 years of their establishment. Their tunes and beats have become the beats of all the Nepalese around the globe, since their establishment back in 1990. It has been able to inspire every generation with its folk tunes and patriotic songs. It would cast no doubt to give them the title ‘Beatles of Nepal’ as simply they have set up such a high benchmark. Its songs and folklore have been buzzing in every household throughout Nepal no matter how remote or distant they are located. Over the years Nepalese have kept Nepathya in their heart. Their songs as a soother in those times of difficulties when the country was under heavy guerilla warfare. They established themselves as one of the greatest band of Nepal, especially when they did the peace tour during the 1996-2006 Nepalese Civil War and also the only band that has performed in all 75 districts of Nepal.

The glorious history is repeating itself as once again, merger between two well renowned event management company Parcha Production and BFest, to bring 4 legendary bands to this iconic place. Come June the 17th Albatros, Kutumba, Edge and Bipul Chhetri & the Travelling Band would be at the center stage of Wembley Arena, sending shock waves throughout the world and taking Nepali music to its pinnacle once again.

Parcha’s Samir Gurung claims that giving Nepali music the rightful platform is what they want to achieve this time, further he feels that Nepali music has all the ingredients to compete in the world stage but due to lack of proper exposure and right platform they have always been marginalized. Nepalese bands have travelled all over the world but their performances have been limited to small stages and community halls. Only few bands have got privileged to perform in good venues hence merely only one or two bands are renowned in the international arena. Also, bringing 4 legendary bands under one international platform, the fate and scale never achieved before in the Nepalese music industry.

More About the Wembley Headliners


Established in 1998, from three man school band from Tahachel, Kathmandu, now the Band consist of four Members Shirish Dali (Guitarist, Vocalist), Sunny Manandhar (Guitarist), Avaya Bajracharya (Backup Vocalist, Bassist) and Kismat Das Shrestha (Drummer, Percussionist).

Albatross has been able to inspire the current generation with their alternative rock music through their rusted guitars and other old instruments in order to transcend the sound of Nepali Alternative music. Their source of success and songs rely heavily on picking up the contemporary issues of Nepal on which they have mastered. Their songs like Gari Khana Deu, Manav Nai Danav, Jo Jas Sanga Sambhandhit Cha, Bhool, Dhaka Topi, Chaina etc are buzzing numbers among today’s youth who voice for social and political reform of the country. In a country like Nepal where youth’s voices are seldom heard, Albatross and their followers have found a way to express their inner feelings thorough music or the lyrics.

The second coming of Albatross to the UK would definitely be loved by majority of youths among the Nepalese diaspora here in the UK, who also rightfully supports the same vision their counterpart’s back home willing to fight for.


Formed since 2004 in Dhaugal, Lalitpur, Kutumba has been able to wow the Nepalese and international audience around the globe with various folk instrumental ensembles committed to the research, preservation and celebration of the diversity that exists in Nepal. They are hugely popular as they have been able to blend ethnic music and instruments into the beats that everybody loves to rumble. They are the gurus of blending traditional folk tunes and instrument with new and improvised sounds and ideas. Kutmuba has played significant role in preserving the forgotten beats and tunes from our mountains, hills, valley and plains. Through Music they have rejuvenating the famous slogan of Great King Prithivi Naryan Shaha (The Founder of Greater Nepal) “Nepal Chaar Jaat Chatis Barna Ko Saajha Phoolbari Ho”.

As their name Kutumba is all about unity bond and togetherness they have been able to bring voice from all over Nepal to one musical platform. The band consist of six members Arun Manandhar (Tungna and Arbajo), Kiran Nepali (Sarangi), Pavit Maharjan (Percussion), Raju Maharjan (Percussion), Rubin Kumar Shrestha (Flute) and Siddhartha Maharjan (Effects)

Kutumba has already performed in the UK and have wowed the Nepalese community. Their show was massive hit and they have quite a huge numbers of fan followers and definitely deserve to perform in the grandest stage the “Wembley Arena”.

The Edge Band

Formed in 1998 and debuted with self-titled album on 2000. They are form the musical hub of Nepal, the beautiful Pokhara city. Since establishment vocalist Mr Jeewan Gurung now fronts the Band, with Bishnu gurung (Lead Guitar), Sandeep BK (Bassist), Albin Pariyar (Rhythm Guitar) and Ganesh Rai (Drummer). Mr Jeewan has seen the original line up flattered over the years, however his dedication and passion has been rewarded and kudos to him to bring up the band to this stage, which has so many heart touching love songs under their names and thousands of supports.

They are masters of love and tragedy songs, songs like Mero Aasu, Pagal Nabhana, Yo Samjhine Mutu, Lekhiya Ka Shabda, Thaa Chaina etc have always been the expression of the hearts weather broken or not.

Edge band have played number of times here in the UK, and wowed the crowed, they have strong numbers of followers here in the UK and definitely going to rock the stage hard this time at the Wembley Arena.

Bipul Chhetri and the Traveling Band

Bipul is a singer/songwriter from Kalimpong, Darjeeling India. He has been wowing the listeners with his folk/rock genre. He is a diploma holder in classical guitar from Licentiate of Trinity College, London. Multiple award winner Bipul has taken the Nepali music to next level.

Bipul is accompanied by The Traveling Band for his entire live concert, which consist of highly experienced musician who are incredible artistes in their own right.

Pranai Gurung (Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals), Kiran Nepali (Sarangi, Tungna, Percussions, Backing Vocal) Rahul Rai (Bass), Achin Khare (Keys, Melodic), Aman Singh Rathore (Drums, Percussions) and Binay Man Amatya (Sound Engineer)

Bipul has performed sold out concerts with the Traveling Band in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Dubai and Nepal, hence they taking the center stage at Wembley Arena is merely a waiting thing to happen and rightfully its coming this June.

All four bands have built a legendary status in the Nepalese music industry and rightfully deserve to perform at the grandest stage of all, hence its time for all of us here in the UK and beyond to support, love and cherish them through our inner heart so that once again we can hit the roof of SSE Arena Wembley and show the world that our music is also one of the best.

Let us all unite to show the world that we can achieve higher through our own tradition, our own music and lets take our music to the Next level. Once again hats off to the determination and courage shown by the Bfest and Parcha and all those behind the scene groups or individuals because of you all Nepal and Nepalese will always stand proud and tall.

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Pic sources: official websites, HaB and internet

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    पोखराको बिजयपुरमा टाईम बम विस्फोट

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    काठमाडौं, फागुन ८ । नेकपा माओवादी केन्द्रका अध्यक्ष पुष्पकमल दाहाल ‘प्रचण्ड’ले अब पाँच वर्षका लागि केपी शर्मा ओली नै प्रधानमन्त्री हुने बताएका छन् । एक कार्यक्रममा सहभागी हुन चितवन पुगेका





    पोखराको बिजयपुरमा टाईम बम विस्फोट

    पोखराको बिजयपुरमा टाईम बम विस्फोट

    पोखरा । पोखराको बिजयपुर खोलामा टाईम बम विष्फोट हुँदा पत्रकार घनश्याम पाण्डे र प्रहरी कुलबहादुर खत्री घाइते भएका छन् ।


    वैज्ञानिकले गरे भविष्यवाणी, यति वर्षपछि पृथ्वीबाट हराउने छ मानव अस्तित्व

    वैज्ञानिकले गरे भविष्यवाणी, यति वर्षपछि पृथ्वीबाट हराउने छ मानव अस्तित्व

    उनले यसको विकल्प स्वरुप अर्को ग्रह खोज्नुपर्ने बताएका छन् । हकिङ्सले भनेका छन्,‘मलाई लाग्दैन कि अर्को ग्रह नखोजी पृथ्वीमा एक हजार सालसम्म मानिसहरु जीवित रहन सक्छन् ।’

    विचित्र विश्व

    जब यी अमेरिकन राष्ट्रपतिहरु यस्ता विवादहरुमा फसेँ

    जब यी अमेरिकन राष्ट्रपतिहरु यस्ता विवादहरुमा फसेँ

    एजेन्सी । अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपतिहरु कतिपय राजनैतिक चर्चाभन्दा पनि सेक्स स्क्याण्डलका कारण चर्चामा आए । उनीहरुको यही चर्चाले कतिपय राष्ट्रपतिहरु आलोचित छन् । सेक्स स्क्याण्डलको रहस्य खुलेपछि