Federal Election 2019: A Promising Campaign for Pramej Shrestha, a Federal Liberal Candidate for Barton

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Australia: Pramej Shrestha aka Pjay Shrestha is an emerging youth leader and Liberal candidate for Barton. The holder of Bachelor’s of Business from Australian Catholic University and a founder of Sydney Motivational club has been making good efforts to empower youths. He has been contributing to charity works for the charity organisations like Australian Red Cross. He works as NSW Committee Member – International Human Resource Management at Australian Human Resources Institute.  The 26 years old youth of Nepalese heritage has been an advisor at International Student Leadership Council. He was also former Director at Sydney Education Training Institute Pty Ltd and Co-founder at Sydney Motivational Club. Winner of Mr. Nepal Oceania, he donated the prize money to the rebuilding of a school in Nepal. The passionate social worker has been offering incredible volunteer service to the residents of that area. His team is very excited for the general election of


18 May, 2019. This day may come as a ‘red letter day’ for the Australian Nepalese community as they have an opportunity like never before to choose the member of parliament who can epitomize their voice and cause in Canberra.

Bijay Pokharel, the outgoing NRNA ICC Youth coordinator proudly shared, “Pramej is a bridge between our first and second generations and as he can convincingly coordinate between two distinct generations, he represents our community and contribute to promote our shared values to make the stronger Australia. The endorsement of the ruling party to a young man of 26 is a rare opportunity for any political activist in the federal election.  Pjay has captured the imagination of proud Nepalese wherever they are living. Nepalese community, living in and around Barton, has been enthusiastically and optimistically celebrating this election grandly like never before expressing their solidarity with him. The committed youth leader’s continued passion and rewarding efforts for community works have been convincingly leading him to road to success.”

Niranjan Prasain, the renowned social worker and youth campaigner said, “Migrant Nepalese community has golden chance to establish their voice in Canberra by choosing Pjay as the representative of their constituency. The Youths have been building the campaigning around the team’s best strengths appealing the local residents to vote for Pramej for a noble cause.”

Usha Kiran Bariya Pokhrel, the young community leader and one leading campaigner of women empowerment shared, “The distinguished youth leader has been full of self-belief and we have belief in his effective leadership which holds better future for our community. He would work for our natural interest within the framework of Australian political system. I wish him all the best for the upcoming endeavour.”


Bjay Paul, a young social worker NRNA Australia, NSW, Youth Coordinator viewed, “Pjay is a pride of our community. Being a first ever candidate to run for a federal election in New South Wales as being Nepalese immigrant, Pjay has set an exceptional benchmark as a successful youth of this multicultural country, Australia. It’s a milestone for our community. We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends.”


A renowned social activist and committed youth campaigner Ersad Ahmad expressed, “Youths are the foundation of any country. Youth should be encouraged to lead in politics as they are more energetic, enthusiastic and visionary. He will get an opportunity to learn more about politics with the pillars of Australian politics. Youth empowerment is necessary for a better future of the second generation and beyond.”

Binod Paudel JP, a renowned youth entrepreneur, Life/Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker said, “Nepal born Australian youth & dynamic leader Pramej Shrestha’s candidacy for Australian Federal Election 2019 is a great success for the migrated Nepalese community in the Australian multicultural land. Beyond the candidacy, to be nominated by ruling National Party is an indication that our community is becoming much wider and stronger. He’s set an example and a history within our community down under. All the migrant societies especially the ones with Nepalese background, need to unite and support his campaign in order to motivate youth to come forward and serve the community.”


Young community worker Arun Gautam said, “It is a glorious moment for all of the Australian Nepalese migrants as in the history of Australia the Nepali youth leader of second generation is standing in the federal election of Australia for the ruling party.


He will win the votes as the migrants trust that a problem and challenges of a migrants are well appreciated by a migrant. In the mainstream politics youth leadership is appropriately valued and promoted and this election has come as a dream opportunity for us to choose a gifted, hardworking and influential youth among ourselves and articulate our voice with significant impact. Not only that of Australian Nepalese, Pramej deserves the support from the Nepalese loving across the globe. I would like to appeal all to unitedly make him a winner rising above all differences and setting aside reservation of any kind in this election”

Ajay Rajbanshi, a frontline youth activist and social worker put, “Nepalese origin Australian living around Barton area are the luckiest residents to have a candidate from Nepalese origin on upcoming 2019 federal election. Where Gen X & Gen Y are representing different alias and Non-Residents Nepalese association. I have always dreamed of our community representatives in Australia politics too. Being a Gen Y and more importantly being grown up in Barton area Pjay Shrestha once a title holder for Mr Nepal Oceania is the candidate not to be missed..”

Young entrepreneur and community worker Bhupal Sitoula said, ‘Pramej is the face and future of our community. Considered as the hope of second generation, would pave the wide and promising way for all youths for that matter our entire community. He holds inspiring traits, the key among them is strong sense of leadership. His consistently impressive works have been acknowledged by the powerhouse political party and his candidacy has come as the supreme honour for our community and it is significant symbolic gesture. We believe that he will deliver the best service vocalizing our concerns at the policy making level. on his party’s policies. We are more than proud to support him.”


















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समानुपातिक मतगणनातर्फ एमालेको २७ लाख ८८ हजार मत

  • 8 minutes ago
समानुपातिक मतगणनातर्फ एमालेको २७ लाख ८८ हजार मत

काठमाडौँ । मङ्सिर ४ गते भएको निर्वाचनमा समानुपातिकतर्फ एक करोड चार लाख २० हजार १२५ मतगणना हुँदा नेकपा एमालेले २७ लाख ८८ हजार मत कटाएको छ ।

सन् २०२२ मा यी बलिउड फिल्महरू असफल साबित भए

  • 24 minutes ago
सन् २०२२ मा यी बलिउड फिल्महरू असफल साबित भए

एजेन्सी । सन् २०२२ लाई बिदाइ गर्ने समय आएको छ । बलिउडको हिसाबले २०२२ संघर्षपूर्ण वर्ष रह्यो । जहाँ दिग्गज स्टारका फिल्मले समेत बक्स अफिसमा निकै नराम्रो घाटा सहनु पर्यो । कमजोर कथा, पुरानै ढाँचा, कमजोर

लुम्बिनीको प्रदेश राजधानी तत्काल नसार्न एमालेको माग

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लुम्बिनीको प्रदेश राजधानी तत्काल नसार्न एमालेको माग

बुटवल । नेकपा एमाले रुपन्देहीले लुम्बिनी प्रदेशको अस्थायी राजधानी बुटवलबाट सार्ने निर्णय तत्काल रोक्न माग गरेको छ ।


पर्वतको परिचय बदल्ने बन्जी...

पर्वतको परिचय बदल्ने बन्जी...

पर्वत । बन्जी निर्माणअघि पर्वत धेरैका लागि नौलो नाम सुनिन्थ्यो । पर्वत हुँदै बागलुङ, मुस्ताङ पुग्ने पर्यटकहरूले समेत पर्वतको बारेमा बेखबर देखिन्थे । तर, हिजोआज अवस्था त्यस्तो छैन । आन्तरिक तथा बाह्य पर्यटकहरूका कारण यति बेला सदरमुकाम कुश्माका होटेल तथा रेस्टुरेन्ट व्यवसायहरू फस्टाएका छन् । तस्बिरः सुमनजङ्ग थापा÷रासस


थाहा पाउनुहोस् कुन ब्लड ग्रुप हुनेले कस्तो खाना खाने ?

थाहा पाउनुहोस् कुन ब्लड ग्रुप हुनेले कस्तो खाना खाने ?

एजेन्सी । ओः यो रक्तसमूह भएका मानिसहरुको पाचन क्रिया अन्य मानिसको भन्दा कमजोर हुन्छ । त्यसैले ओ रक्तसमूह भएका मानिसहरुले अन्न तथा गेडागुडी कम मात्रामा खानु पर्दछ ।